If you are interested in joining a dynamic company that strives to make a difference in the advanced technology world, you will enjoy being a part of our team.

We are currently seeking candidates to fill a variety of positions.

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About us

SRF Solution’s mission is to create innovative technology solutions that enable our partners to deliver outstanding customer experience. SRF Solution’s intuitive, cost-effective technology solutions provide our partners with the most advanced process optimization tools available on the market.

Our mandate is to solve your technology issues so that you can focus strictly on your core business operations, and realize a rapid and ongoing return on investment (ROI) that includes increased revenue, reduced costs, and the ability to grow.

We develop advanced connectivity systems and run them on reliable architecture, which we install and support throughout their life-cycle.

Quality Policy

SRF Solution is committed to providing you with innovative products and services that exceed your expectations while helping you reach unmatched levels of business performance.

The two main components of our quality policy are a commitment to customer satisfaction and a continuous focus on research and development.  The commitment to these policies drives SRF Solution’s growth.