SRF Solution’s technology catalogue of services and solutions increases your connectivity and productivity by making student tracking secure and efficient.

Student Tracking

SRF Solution’s security and child management solution helps you track students from the moment they board the school bus in the morning to the time they are dropped off at home at the end of the day.

SRF Solution’s equipment installed on the buses captures the student ID attached to the student’s backpack, and immediately communicates the student’s status to an onboard tablet wirelessly connected to a centralized system.

SRF Solution’s system also provides live status updates on school busses, and it helps optimize routes, and thereby control transportation costs. Most importantly, the system helps schools meet their obligation to parents and districts to ensure student safety.

School Access management

Installed in schools, the SRF Solution access management system can also be used to monitor on site student tracking and security access to areas inside the school.