Facts & Stats

- For the airline industry, more than 31 million luggage arrive late annually.

- 1.8 million luggage never arrive.

- Worldwide luggage mishandling is costing the airline industry $3 billion a year.


SRF Solution’s Air-Tags offer our transportation partners a simple and powerful way to ensure that they always know where their customer’s luggages are.

Air-Tags allow for the industry’s most reliable and economical luggage identification and tracking solution. By attaching the Air-Tags to luggage at check-in, you can trace them in real time as they are processed and transported.

The Air-Tags system reads and registers luggage in a fraction of a second, allowing for the simultaneous processing of a high-volume of luggage. This is achieved by embedding the Air-Tags to the self-adhesive paper labels that are currently already used by all transporters to tag luggage.  Our advanced technology can be fully integrated with existing luggage tags, check-in printers, and sortation equipment.

The Air-Tags system is just another way that SRF Solution assists you in reducing labour and error costs while helping you have access to real-time information about your passenger’s luggage.