Facts & Stats

- In case when an abduction has taken place, it has been shown that the first 30 minutes are the most crucial for the safe return of a missing child.

- In 2011, there were 46 718 reports of missing children in Canada recorded by the RCMP.

Buz Pass

SRF Solution’s Buz Pass enables school authorities to manage student transportation operations more efficiently, while giving parents the peace of mind of knowing their children are traveling safe. Our powerful fleet management platform, real time tracking, rapid response system, and driver assistance tools ensure that every bus ride is accounted for and secure.

Canada’s #1 student tracking and fleet optimization solution, Buz Pass not only protects students’ safety; it also eliminates the hidden costs associated with transportation.

Through the RFID embedded card solution, school officials, parents, students, bus companies, and drivers can now employ the Buz Pass platform to:

  • Track students as they travel to and from school
  • Monitor ridership
  • Optimize routing and scheduling
  • Communicate with drivers
  • Monitor activities inside the buses through camera feed accessible only at the special request of school board officials.
  • Access traffic update

Buz Pass provides parents access to reliable information concerning bus rides via real-time tracking sent to them by email and SMS.