Facts & Stats

- Fleet tracking systems, through route optimization, help extend fleet lifecycle by 33%.

Route Tags

Optimize your fleet and enhance the accountability of your travel operations with SRF Solutions’s Route Tags.  The integration of GPS and RFID technology will help your transportation officials keep their fleet safe by improving communications, route management and ridership records.

Our Route Tags system will enable your fleet managers to locate and deploy their vehicles with live, real-time tracking and route verification. With data in hand, your officials can compare the hours accumulated by each vehicle and optimize their productivity. The advanced reporting feature built into our Route Tags’ will provide your managers with access to accurate time sheets and travel logs, leading to the leanest operational costs.

Keep your vehicles on track and under budget with Route Tags – a necessity for every transportation company.

Key Features

  • Integrate with other routing systems to perform deviation reporting, real-time tracking, vehicle history mapping and planning-versus-actual route analysis;
  • Access our web-based program from your mobile phone or desktop;
  • Receive rider notifications;
  • Dispatch via the web;
  • Benefit from system expansion and customization; we can adapt the equipment installation to fit your fleet.